With a dedicated applications team we have developed an extensive data base of hair colourant formulations covering permanent, semi-permanent and temporary applications.

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Abalone Grey
Acid Yellow
Airforce Blue
Ash Grey
Berry Red
Black - BTX based
Black - MBB based
Black - TDS based
Blue Black
Blush Red
Boysenberry Purple
Bright Fuchsia
Bright Orange
Bright Purple
Bright Warm Red
Brown - BTX based
Brown - MBB based
Brown - TDS based
Butterscotch Yellow
Charcoal Grey
Cherry Red
Chestnut Brown
Citrus Yellow
Classic Black
Classic Dark Brown
Cobalt Blue
Cool Black
Cool Black
Cool Mauve
Cool purple
Cool Red
Cool Red
Copper Red
Copper Red
Cranberry Red
Dark Ash Blonde
Dark Ash Brown
Dark Auburn Red
Dark Blonde
Dark Blue
Dark Brown
Dark Brown
Dark Brown
Dark Cherrywood Red
Dark Cool Red
Dark Copper
Dark Copper Red
Dark Copper Red
Dark Ebony
Dark Golden Blonde
Dark Ink Blue
Dark Lavender
Dark Mahogany Brown
Dark Mahogany Brown
Dark Mahogany Red
Dark Red
Dark Red Brown
Dark Rich Black
Dark Royal Blue
Dark Sapphire Blue
Dark Steel Blue
Dark Violet Brown
Dark Violet Red
Dark Warm Red
Deep Blue
Deep Dark Purple
Deep Pink
Deep Red
Denim Blue
Electric Blue
Espresso Brown
Forest Green
Hot Pink
Jade Green
Lemon Yellow
Light Ash Blonde
Light Ash Brown
Light Auburn Red
Light Blue
Light Brown
Light Brown
Light Cedar Brown
Light Cool Blonde
Light Cool Brown
Light Copper
Light Copper Brown
Light Golden Blonde
Light Golden Brown
Light Honey Blonde
Light Pink Blonde
Light Red Brown
Light Sapphire Blue
Mahogany Brown
Mahogany Brown
Mahogany Red
Mahogany Red
Malachite Blue
Medium Ash Blonde
Medium Ash Brown
Medium Auburn
Medium Auburn Brown
Medium Beige Blonde
Medium Blonde
Medium Blue
Medium Brown
Medium Brown
Medium Brunette
Medium Cherrywood Red
Medium Chocolate Brown
Medium Cool Blonde
Medium Cool Brown
Medium Copper
Medium Copper Red
Medium Copper Red
Medium Golden Blonde
Medium Golden Brown
Medium Mahogany Brown
Medium Mahogany Red
Medium Red
Medium Red Brown
Medium Rich Brown
Medium Sapphire Blue
Medium Titian Red
Medium Violet Red
Medium Warm Brown
Midnight Black
Obsidian Black
Orange Red
Oxford Blue
Peacock Blue
Petrol Blue
Plum Black
Poppy Red
Red Brown
Rich Black
Rich Medium Brown
Rich Purple
Rich Red Brown
Ruby Red
Sea Green
Sienna Brown
Slate Blue
Smoke Grey
Stone Grey
Straw Yellow
Sunshine Yellow
Tawny Brown
Very Dark Brown
Very Dark Mahogany Red
Very Light Ash Blonde
Very Light Blonde
Very Light Golden Blonde
Very Light Honey Blonde
Very Light Pink Blonde
Violet Black
Violet Blue
Warm Black
Warm Black
Warm Mauve
Warm Red
Warm Red
Warm Violet Red

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